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Our Approach

We believe that financial planning should be approached holistically, which means that we take into consideration all key areas of your personal and financial life and how those areas correlate.

Holistic financial planning recognizes that the different areas of your financial life are not only related to each other but also affect each other. Your plan must address budgeting and saving, investment management, debt management, insurance, taxes, estate and retirement planning, and employee and government benefits. All of these parts of your financial plan must be considered in relation to other aspects of your life- your age, health, marital status, education and career situation, and dependent care needs. They also must work together in order for your plan to be successful.

We want to learn about you and understand your feelings about investing so that your financial plan will incorporate your risk tolerance, time horizon, and liquidity concerns. Your life is dynamic, not static, so as your life changes, your needs and goals change, and your plan might also need to change. Changes in other areas, such as tax law and the economy, can also affect your plan. We will monitor your progress towards your goals and, with your input, make any needed adjustments.